About Us

SINGPOINT is your SINGLE POINT of contact Information Technologist.

We are a rapid-growth, privately-held information technology firm headquartered in the United States. As a premier-level IT resource provider, SINGPOINT delivers IT outsourcing services, strategic and technical consultancy, and a comprehensive range of enterprise-class managed cloud services. The company’s client profile encompasses a broad range of industries and businesses with a turnover of up to $200M in the US, Singapore and Ghana.

In short, we help our clients to:

  • Deliver IT projects and services more effectively and efficiently
  • Reduce CapEx and Opex over traditional methods
  • Use IT systems to gain a competitive edge
  • Enter new markets with ease

  • The benefits that we deliver to our clients are a testament to our people, their abilities and the relationships they hold. Our clients know that our industry knowledge, service delivery and technical capabilities have a measurable impact on their bottom line, which is how we’ve managed to maintain a 99% customer retention rate since our formation in 1996.

    SINGPOINT’s vision and direction comes from the collective voice of our employees, as we believe that the company belongs to all of us. Together, we are totally committed to:

  • Continually improving – as evidenced by our ISO 20000 and 27001 accreditations.
  • Continually evolving - to give our clients and ourselves a clear and measurable edge over the competition
  • Standing out technically - by recruiting, training and retaining the best employees, and consistently obtaining the latest and most important industry certifications
  • Retaining our clients - by being upfront, honest and delivering clear, measurable business benefits
  • Understanding our clients' businesses - through total immersion, detailed analysis and close collaboration.

  • For all of these reasons, we want to be the natural choice for successful businesses to partner with, and for talented people to work for. We hope that you choose to engage with us.

    Our Partners

    We are uncompromising in our approach to giving customers the best solution available. So although the partners listed below have been chosen carefully, we’ll only recommend them when we think they’ll enhance a solution. This ‘vendor independence’ means we’re not tied to any one of our partners. So rest assured, we’ll find the right partner even if they fall outside of the following list.

    Microsoft's product suites allow us to deliver enhanced productivity, mobility and collaboration to our customers from the SME to the global enterprise.
    Virtualisation is now a key technology in all sizes of enterprise, across all sectors. Our track-record and knowledge of the VMWare product suites is unparalleled.
    NetApp creates innovative storage and management systems that help client organizations store, manage, protect, and retain their company data
    Dell is a worldwide leader in the design, development and manufacturing of laptops, desktops, servers, networking products and storage solutions.
    HP provides one of the world's most comprehensive portfolios of hardware. Products include PCs, servers, storage, printers, and networking equipment.
    Veeam Software, an Elite VMware Technology Alliance partner, develops innovative products for virtual infrastructure management and data protection.
    Parallels, especially Parallels Virtuozzo Containers is often overlooked for Virtualisation but it's now a serious contender in the space. The density of virtual desktops and servers per host is second to none.
    Check Point is a leader in network security software, firewall solutions, VPN solutions, endpoint security, network protection, security management, and more.
    As the worldwide leader in content security appliances, Barracuda Networks offers products that protect organizations from threats over email, Web, and IM.
    Websense is a global leader in unified Web, data, and email content security, delivers the best security for modern threats at the lowest total cost of ownership.
    Dot Hill is a recognised leader in software and hardware solutions for storing, sharing, protecting and managing data - particularly SAN solutions.
    Symantec provide security, storage and systems management solutions to help customers – from small businesses to the largest global organisations.
    SonicWALL provides intelligent network security and data protection solutions that enable customers to secure, control, and scale their global networks.

    Our Services

    System Integration Services:
    System Integration Services offers solutions in integrating and linking up different computing systems/platforms and software applications both functionally and physically. We utilize discrete systems with a variety of techniques such as computer networking, enterprise application integration, business process management etc to bring forth a complete integrated solution to enhance business workflow and productivity for our customers.
    Network Implementations:
    Network implementations solutions; include Network design & implementation, capacity and optimization planning. Whether you need an entire corporate network created, a server farm, or just a single subnet installed, SINGPOINT can help. Once needs have been assessed and a network expansion or migration plan has been developed, SINGPOINT provides a full range of implementation services, including turnkey implementation services, structured cabling services, LAN and WAN solutions.

    Network Video Feed/Conferencing:
    Adequate Security is now accepted as a basic requirement for every e – commerce or networked system. This applies to all the underlying components ...the LAN, Firewall, Routers, Internet and so on. But how do you ensure that the security is appropriate and policies are up to scratch? How do you know that there are nomajor exposures? How do you audit it methodically?
    SINGPOINT IT Services is here to respond/assist with all these issues and give you the peace of mind you desire in E–security.

    E-Security / Auditing Services:
    Network implementations solutions; include Network design & implementation, capacity and optimization planning. Whether you need an entire corporate network created, a server farm, or just a single subnet installed, SINGPOINT can help. Once needs have been assessed and a network expansion or migration plan has been developed, SINGPOINT provides a full range of implementation services, including turnkey implementation services, structured cabling services, LAN and WAN solutions.

    Storage Management:
    Storage Management is becoming an increasingly complex undertaking as organizations struggle to manage a growing volume of information – both text and digital content. SINGPOINT storage Management solutions deal with onsite and offsite data storage for the purpose of data restoration and historical archiving. The storage Management team would ensure the physical Security of backups and archives. The goal of storage management is to define, track and maintain data resources in the production IT environment.

    Access Control Systems:
    Where security situations demand, pedestrian and vehicular traffic can be controlled by an Access Control system. By using electronically encoded cards or Biometrics, individuals can be granted or denied access to specific doors or gated areas based on time, date and location. In addition, an audit trial can show where and when an individual was granted or denied access.

    Wireless Solutions:
    SINGPOINT IT Services through innovation and growth initiative, we intend to provide high quality, timely and cast effective wireless network components / solutions as well as end to end wireless network, wireless broadcast Solutions in support of the communications’ transformation.

    Project Management:
    SINGPOINT Certified Project Management professionals (PMP) have extensive knowledge and experience in developing a project scope, estimating cost, timeliness and quality controls. Also, we are specialized in determining project goals and objectives, feasibility study, implementation, evaluation and support / maintenance of IT projects.

    IT Seminars:
    SINGPOINT IT Services has professionals with extensive years of overseas education, overseas IT industrial experience in advanced technology offering organizations and individuals in IT tailored training, mentorship and open session seminars on select topics and answers to challenges that face the IT industry.

    Hosting Services:
    We offer high quality, affordable and reliable Managed, Data center, Web Hosting services and domain name services to our esteemed clients. Our all-inclusive plans offers great features, affordability and reliability to the masses in business.

    Disaster Recovery:
    With frequent multiple failing points in IT, our experienced controls team will work with you to develop a disaster recovery, business continuity and redundancy plan to help prevent costly disruptions to a network system and to normalize operations as quickly as possible in the event of a system failure.

    E-Commerce Services:
    We live in an exciting age of human innovation, where a single generation can witness extreme shifts in technology and a way to live. One of the most significant forces driving this awesome development is the ability to record and deliver information across distances at rates expanding exponentially.

    SINGPOINT E-commerce Services works towards developing and deploying new content delivery services to meet the ever growing demands of the modern life. We would help you with your e-tailing, virtual storefront, virtual mall, marketing research, data exchange, electronic communication and all your B2B, B2C needs.

    We invite you to join us in this marvelous age and experience the full and awesome power of E-commerce.

    IT Consultancy:
    SINGPOINT IT services have considerable experience of business and technical operations in commercial and public sector organizations of differing sizes. Consulting is about plugging a gap in a company’s expertise. All companies at some stage require outsourced expertise to enable them to expand or get better value for money. Our experienced IT Consultants minimize risk during times of change. Consultancy can simply be about gaining value on the purchase of new hardware or software, developing an internet strategy, choosing new suppliers or recruiting staff. Our IT consultants can also provide valuable help when more than one IT supplier seem to be giving conflicting information and an independent viewpoint is required.

    At SINGPOINT, we are committed to helping our clients make the best business decisions in all circumstances. We do this by taking the time to listen to our clients in order to gain a full and clear understanding of their business – their objectives, issues, culture and people. Only when we have all the information can we provide a considered recommendation, which in turn helps our clients make the right decisions.

    They say “Ask the experienced rather than the learned” an Ancient Arabic Proverb.

    E-Learning Solutions:
    Social, technological and economic drivers are transforming education and training around the world. As globalization encompasses local economies like never before, the development of a skilled workforce becomes a genuinely international concern. And as human capital becomes the chief source of economic value, education and training become lifelong endeavors for the vast majority of workers.

    SINGPOINT E–Learning solutions would help you with the delivery of individualized, comprehensive, dynamic learning content in real time, aiding the development of communities of knowledge, linking learners and practitioners with experts, through the use of network technologies to create, foster, deliver, and facilitate learning anytime and anywhere.

    IT Seminars:
    Technological Advancement has brought the automation and electronic transformation of traditional business processes. We can help you link your internal and external data processing systems more efficiently and flexibly, to work more closely with suppliers and partners, and to better satisfy your needs and expectations..

    E-Business Solutions:
    We offer high quality, affordable and reliable Managed, Data center, Web Hosting services and domain name services to our esteemed clients. Our all-inclusive plans offers great features, affordability and reliability to the masses in business.

    Management Information Systems:
    We solve Business problems with the application of technology and to support business activities such as accounting, finance, marketing and general management. Our management solutions, built on the firm’s successful history serving leading institutes, delivers solutions to the challenges that the sectors face. We work closely with our clients to:
  • Analyze and improve business operations for supporting business strategies in a cost – effective manner.
  • Maximize institutions’ value from their investment in technology
  • Enable businesses to gain competitive advantage through effective solutions and relationship management

  • E-Graphic Development:
    When it comes to creativity and design; our artistic works talk for it self. From corporate identity formation, logos, letter heads, brochures, posters through customized stationary; our professionals would make your imagination a reality.

    Website Development:
    SINGPOINT Website Development is a unique combination of graphic design and coding of web pages, full websites and interactive web applications. We offer a variety of services from basic website design to complete e–commerce website development. We have created and launched hundreds of successful websites since our inception for many businesses in various industries. Our web designers have the creative talent to appeal to your sense of style, the training and knowledge of current web standards and practices, and the ability to turn your ideas into reality.

    Mobile Solutions::
    In a world full of busy and fragmented lives, wireless communications bridges the gap and mends the pieces. Be it a private or public mobile solution, SINGPOINT can help with our expertise technical advice and implementations.

    International Calling Services:
    Our International Calling Services would save you a ton on your IDD bills with services like international callback, number porting, international long distance, overseas issued phone numbers, billed and prepaid international phone cards.

    VOIP Solutions:
    Whether you are a residential or business user, our VoIP service allows you to unleash the power of the internet to make highly quality low-cost calls world wide. You can connect to our VoIP Service in a number of ways and take advantage of low-cost internet calls straight away.

    You can use VoIP service from any geographical location. You can further reduce your call costs by using our VoIP PSTN Termination service and get an incoming number with which you can be reachable wherever you are at no extra cost.


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